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Mark Burgess - Pre-Employment
22 yo, Cut, 7"

Gerry Emanual - Massage Therapy
18 yo, Cut, 8"

Josef Salvador - Medical Exam
25 yo, Uncut, 9"

Damon Bowars - Sports Physical
23 yo, Cut, 7"

Victor Meza - Sports Physical
19 yo, Uncut, 7"

Cory Baldridge 26 yo, Cut, 7"
Jon Ricards 22 yo, Uncut, 6 1/2"

Garth - Inmate Study One
27 yo, Uncut, 8 1/2"

Ashton Jerrold - Sports Physical
23 yo, Cut, 8"

David Maybanke - Civilian Physical
20 yo, Cut, 7"

Wallace Longhorn - Annual Physical
25 yo, Cut, 10"

Roman Melendez - Sports Physical
21 yo, Uncut, 8"

Chad Lyons - Sports Physical
20 yo, Cut, 7"

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