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Last Updated : Oct 31, 2014

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Mark Burgess - Stress Testing
Mark Burgess - Stress Testing
Age: 22
Height - 5' 07"
Weight - 135
Waist - 30"
Hair - Black
Eyes - Hazel

Erect - 7"
Flaccid - 5"
Foreskin - Cut
Orientation - Straight
Sports : Basketball, Swimming
Notes: Caucasian, redneck, natural

Recorded on : Aug 26 14
Released on : Oct 31 14

To begin this office visit, I had Mark remove every stitch of clothing and then directed him to the examination table. I explained that I would take a blood pressure reading before and then immediately following a series of exercise routines which were designed to tax his heart and respiration. At rest, Mark's blood pressure was very much in a normal range for his body type, after a series of exercises that I subjected Mark to perform in the nude, his blood pressure rose sharply. Again, a condition that bears further testing and evaluation.

To continue with the adult physical portion, I conducted another standing genital examination before directing Mark to a kneeling position on the exam table. He received his first rectal examination at the last visit and in continuation, I elected to start out doing a digital rectal examination and followed it by a supine rectal examination, with both legs recoiled and lifted off of the table. This position allowed me free access to his anus for a series of single finger insertions. Reaching into the desk drawer, Mark glimpsed the site of the long anoscope. Whoa, he said, what is that for. I will be checking you internal now to check for any obstructions such as internal hemorrhoids. Lubricating the anoscope, I sunk inside of him in one long fluid motion.

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Dexter Poole- Work Physical
Age: 36
Height - 5' 08"
Weight - 155
Waist - 32"
Hair - Black
Eyes - Brown

Erect - 7"
Flaccid - 6"
Foreskin - Cut
Orientation - Straight
Sports : Football, Basketball, Track
Notes: African, shaved

Recorded on : Sep 29 14
Released on : Oct 28 14

Dexter is at the office to receive a medical certification to return to his profession of driving a truck. His normal route encompasses a four state route and he is self-employed. I complimented him on his physique, as he is much more physically fit then you would expect with such a sedentary profession. Dexter stays in shape through regular visits to his gym for strength training and he receives his cardio from regular pick up basketball games with his buddies.

Dexter stayed fairly calm throughout his examination and allowed me free access to examine his large, flaccid genitalia when the opportunity was called for. His buttocks are very round and exceptionally firm. Returning him to the exam table and propped up onto his hands and knees, the first indication of a change in his body language signaled that I might have some exploration issues arising.

Spreading apart his buttocks, I received a reply "what are you doing " and a calm response from me that I was taking his temperature. The thermometer dangled precariously from his anus as it recorded his temperature. Upon removing it, I quickly lubricated my fingers again and took aim stating that I was going to check his prostate next. He permitted access to his rectum but clearly the scowl on his face and the sideward glances looking at me, clearly told me that he was not enjoying the experience.

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Jock Physical Exams
Athletes are more casual about nudity than the average person. From an early age, they have stripped naked in locker rooms, showered and towel dried themselves in front of other athletes and coaches. depicts adult individuals going through staged medical examinations and procedures for the sole purpose of adult entertainment.

Our Jock Athletes
Jocks have come to expect a certain level of nudity, probing questions and invasive inspections. They have been ordered to undress in front of a doctor or nurse, sometimes even their coach or a parent. They joke about it in the locker room to each other and also they use the experience to frighten first timers that the doctor will do strange things to them, the least of which is "drop your shorts, turn your head and cough".

Sports Physicals
Straight jocks are subjected to a realistic and intense male sports physical exam with an eye towards pleasing the gay medical fetish enthusiast. Most of our straight jocks are accustomed to being submissive, in this regard to a doctor, but we often linger a little longer than necessary to provide an erotic experience to the jock patient and pleasing to the gay medical fetish enthusiast.

Prostate Exams
Our jock athletes did not know that we would pluck their anal virginity, making them become full fledged men as they receive their first prostate exam. Watch as our unsuspecting jock athletes experience their invasive prostate exam. All the grunts, moans, gasps and yes, embarrassing erections, are all captured for your enjoyment.

As the jock exams continue, these straight athletes have their rectums probed with fingers and instruments.

Urethral Sounding
Metal rods of various sizes and thicknesses are inserted into the urethra and glide down the length of the penis.
New sensations for most of the patients. Not for the faint of heart !

Massage Therapy and Athlete Inspections
They have passed their sports physical, but their humiliation is not complete. They receive naked deep tissue massage therapy and more detailed inspections of their private parts than they have ever received before.

All in the interest of medical fetish for your enjoyment and their humiliation !


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