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Prostate exams ~ gay medical fetish ~ jocks receiving intense physical exams

Now more medically invasive then ever before......featuring "Urethral Sounding"

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Jock Athletes receiving very thorough Physical Examinations

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Last Updated : May 26 15

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Richie Cruz - Sports Physical

Richie Cruz - Sports Physical

Age: 23
Height - 5'09"
Weight - 130
Waist - 28"
Hair - Black
Eyes - Brown
Feet: Size 9

Erect - 7"
Flaccid - 4 1/2"
Foreskin - Uncut
Orientation - Straight
Sports : Soccer, Basketball, Track
Notes: Latin, smooth, uncut, prostate massage

Recorded on : Mar 24 15
Released on : May 29 15

Richie returns to the soccer field and the recreation league requires a sports physical to allow him to play. Richie is very good natured and a welcome patient at my office.

As part of his sports physical, Richie is subjected to a series of exercises to monitor his body's reaction to exercise and his blood pressure is taken before and after those exercises are performed.

As a side note, Richie must be a little horny today as he stayed in a perpetual arousal all through his examination. To capitalize on his erection, following his prostate examination, I inserted a device designed to maintain his prostate stimulation.

As his pubic area is shaved smooth, I suggested aloe vera gel as a lubricant to nourish his skin and demonstrated its use which led to a tasty conclusion.

Jerrald Manning - Sports Physical

Jerrald Manning - Sports Physical

Age: 20
Height - 5'08"
Weight - 156
Waist - 31"
Hair - Black
Eyes - Brown
Feet: Size 10

Erect - 7"
Flaccid - 4"
Foreskin - Cut
Orientation - Straight
Sports : Basketball, Track
Notes: African, smooth, muscular, prostate massage

Recorded on : Jan 10 15
Released on : Mar 26 15

You can't keep an athlete too far away from the playing field too long so it is no surprised when Jerrald Manning plans to go out for a recreational league football team and he is trying out for the position of running back. Jerrald is in tip top physical condition so I did not anticipate that any medical irregularities would be detected, however just to be sure, I elected to perform a complete and thorough physical examination.

At one of his previous office visits, Jerrald received a prolonged prostate examination and when I asked him about it, he indicated that it had dramatically improved his sexual performance.

I readily volunteered to perform another internal examination which would include a prostate massage. As expected, Jerrald delivered a creamy white ejaculate after a suitable amount of prostate massage was delivered.

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Jock Physical Exams

Athletes are more casual about nudity than the average person. From an early age, they have stripped naked in locker rooms, showered and towel dried themselves in front of other athletes and coaches. JockPhysical.com depicts adult individuals going through staged medical examinations and procedures for the sole purpose of adult entertainment.

Our Jock Athletes

Jocks have come to expect a certain level of nudity, probing questions and invasive inspections. They have been ordered to undress in front of a doctor or nurse, sometimes even their coach or a parent. They joke about it in the locker room to each other and also they use the experience to frighten first timers that the doctor will do strange things to them, the least of which is "drop your shorts, turn your head and cough".

Sports Physicals

Straight jocks are subjected to a realistic and intense male sports physical exam with an eye towards pleasing the gay medical fetish enthusiast. Most of our straight jocks are accustomed to being submissive, in this regard to a doctor, but we often linger a little longer than necessary to provide an erotic experience to the jock patient and pleasing to the gay medical fetish enthusiast.

Prostate Exams

Our jock athletes did not know that we would pluck their anal virginity, making them become full fledged men as they receive their first prostate exam. Watch as our unsuspecting jock athletes experience their invasive prostate exam. All the grunts, moans, gasps and yes, embarrassing erections, are all captured for your enjoyment.

As the jock exams continue, these straight athletes have their rectums probed with fingers and instruments.

All in the interest of medical fetish for your enjoyment and their humiliation !