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Last Updated : Oct 21, 2014

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Charles Rodriguez- Annual Exam
Charles Rodriguez
Age: 23
Height - 5' 07"
Weight - 126
Waist - 31"
Hair - Black
Eyes - Brown

Erect - 6"
Flaccid - 4"
Foreskin - Uncut
Orientation - Straight
Sports : Basketball, soccer, swimming
Notes: Hispanic, Cleft Palate, smooth, prostate massage

Recorded on : Aug 26 14
Released on : Oct 21 14

New to the area, Charles Rodriguez enters my office for a new patient examination. Right from the initial conversation, I realize that Charles was born with a birth defect of a cleft palate which has both altered his speech pattern cause irregularities with his front teeth.

I am sure my exam was the first time that Charles had a prostate exam. I am also relatively sure that he had not previously experimented with anal play. However, some people just seem to take to exploration naturally and Charles was definitely a member of that group. No sooner had I made a complete finger insertion and as I began to explore internally, Charles began to rock, ever so slightly, onto my finger. As his movement became more accentuated, I matched the intensity of my insertion into his rectum. Realizing that he was taking all that I could muster with one finger, I removed one finger and replaced it with a second finger. Coaxing two fingers into him required baby steps however, but soon thereafter, he was accepting a full throttle plunging.

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Damon Bowars - Sports Physical
Damon Bowars - Sports Physical
Age: 23
Height - 5' 05"
Weight - 140
Waist - 29"
Hair - Brown
Eyes - Hazel

Erect - 7"
Flaccid - 4"
Foreskin - Cut
Orientation - Bisexual
Sports : Lacrosse, Hockey
Notes: Caucasian, natural, anoscope

Recorded on : Sep 01 14
Released on : Oct 17 14

Starting a new school year for both high school and collegiate athletes alike, often require a sports physical exam and today, Damon Bowars came to the office for just that purpose. Damon has been playing lacrosse and hockey since his teen years and has continued with both sports as he made the leap to college. Typically, Damon received all of his required sports physicals at his family doctor but with a few notable exceptions. He previously took part in a group physical exam required for his hockey team which was conducted in his high school gym.

Questioning him, I found that he had not previously had a prostate exam, so I took aim and eased my lubricated finger into his rectum in one fluid motion. Confirming that he felt a little sexual exhilaration at the contact with his prostate, I checked to find that his erect penis had now become completely rigid at the stimulation.

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Jock Physical Exams
Athletes are more casual about nudity than the average person. From an early age, they have stripped naked in locker rooms, showered and towel dried themselves in front of other athletes and coaches. depicts adult individuals going through staged medical examinations and procedures for the sole purpose of adult entertainment.

Our Jock Athletes
Jocks have come to expect a certain level of nudity, probing questions and invasive inspections. They have been ordered to undress in front of a doctor or nurse, sometimes even their coach or a parent. They joke about it in the locker room to each other and also they use the experience to frighten first timers that the doctor will do strange things to them, the least of which is "drop your shorts, turn your head and cough".

Sports Physicals
Straight jocks are subjected to a realistic and intense male sports physical exam with an eye towards pleasing the gay medical fetish enthusiast. Most of our straight jocks are accustomed to being submissive, in this regard to a doctor, but we often linger a little longer than necessary to provide an erotic experience to the jock patient and pleasing to the gay medical fetish enthusiast.

Prostate Exams
Our jock athletes did not know that we would pluck their anal virginity, making them become full fledged men as they receive their first prostate exam. Watch as our unsuspecting jock athletes experience their invasive prostate exam. All the grunts, moans, gasps and yes, embarrassing erections, are all captured for your enjoyment.

As the jock exams continue, these straight athletes have their rectums probed with fingers and instruments.

Urethral Sounding
Metal rods of various sizes and thicknesses are inserted into the urethra and glide down the length of the penis.
New sensations for most of the patients. Not for the faint of heart !

Massage Therapy and Athlete Inspections
They have passed their sports physical, but their humiliation is not complete. They receive naked deep tissue massage therapy and more detailed inspections of their private parts than they have ever received before.

All in the interest of medical fetish for your enjoyment and their humiliation !


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