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Amir Bosra - Performance Issues

Age - 19
Height - 6' 00"
Weight - 175
Waist - 32"
Hair - Black
Eyes - Brown

Hung - 8"
Foreskin - Cut
Orientation - Straight
Sports - Basketball, Soccer
Notes: Arab, hung, smooth, sounding

Produced on : Jul 24 13
Released on : Aug 23 13

Amir returns to continue his treatment with a urine flow issue that he experienced awhile back. Definite progress has been and he notices his increased stamina as well as increased "rigidity" in his penis. However, he still is encountering a few issues regarding his urine flow so it is my intent to address both of his issues during this exam and therapeutic session.

I have Amir stand up in order to re-position him onto his knees and elbows , I inform him that I will do a prolonged prostate massage to begin a prostate massage. the process of lubricating his urethra in preparation to take a culture. Lubricating my finger, I take aim and easily glide it past his sphincter and locate his prostate. Amir is extremely docile and consequentially, it makes it easier to violate, I mean, probe his anus with a variety of my various fingers. I wish all my subjects were as accommodating as Amir for this particular procedure.

Removing my finger, I lubricate a wide butt plug and use this device like a probe to help dilate his sphincter some more. Once it is removed, then I return to prostate massage again by using a different device specifically designed for this purpose. I tell Amir to turn over and lay down again. All the remains is a final specimen collection and Amir, settles back in and allows me to masturbate him to climax.

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